SimpleCaddy Tax 1 - Example

The tax plugins depend on the shipping destination you provide for your clients. Here I will explain how the Tax 1 plugin works (plugin for pricing not including taxes).

The first thing you need to define is where you want to sell your products and where the clients need to pay taxes.

So let’s start with the first step:

In the Checkout fields that are presented on the Details page there is a field called “region” no capitals. The field content is filled with Canadian provinces, you can replace those with whatever destinations you like, whether they have to pay taxes or not.


This allows the client to select rather than type the destination. Once you have all your relevant destinations in the dropdown, go to the SimpleCaddy Plugins and click the “Content – SimpleCaddy - Tax 1” link to enter the plugin configuration.

In this screen you will find two control fields, of which only “region” is of our interest for the moment.


In this screen the settings read as follows:

Nobody pays tax by default (Base rate = 0)

The field that determines the tax rate is “region”. The dropdown here will list all the checkout fields you have set up earlier.

Tax on Shipping destination (in rare cases that needs to be applied) is also ruled by “region”

Then the rates…

Only the Manitoba destination will have to pay 10% of tax over the total amount in the order. If you have more than one destination that needs to pay taxes, add them one per line in the same manner:




To make the tax product look a little better, create a standard product in your products list and give it the product code of “tax”. This allows you to add a description rather than a simple “tax” in the order.

By adding { sctax } to your last showcart page, just before the checkout (paypal or another) the tax will be added to the order by SimpleCaddy. If the client changes destination for whatever reason, the whole process is recalculated and re-added to the order automatically.