Custom fields

SimpleCaddy has the possibility to define custom fields for your checkout page.
Any information can now be stored from the checkout page and any field may be checked if required.
You can define your custom fields in the admin section of SimpleCaddy:
By default a certain number of fields have been defined. It is recommended that you do not change the names of these fields. The field names are CaSE sEnSitiVe and may not contain spaces or any other non standard character.
The list of standard included fields is as follows:
Creating or editing a field is fairly simple.
Just fill in all the fields and you'll be ready to go.
  1. Field name is the name in the database where to store the information. It may only be letters and numbers and must start with a letter.
  2. The caption is what will be shown on your site, the fieldname is for storing the values of the checkout form.
  3. Each field must have a type (Text/Multiline/Yes-No) for it to know what to store in your orders.
  4. A field must be published to be seen on the checkout form.
  5. To make sure that the custom fields look like the rest of your site's entry fields, you may want to adapt the classname of each field. Each individual field can have a separate classname. That may give a nice and wild result on your checkout form :)
  6. The fields you enter may be in a different order than the one you wnat on your checkout form. In that case, enter the Order in the order box (use numbers only). Fields with the same order (0) will be shown as they have been entered in SimpleCaddy.
  7. And last, but not least, set the "Required" value for this field. A required field MUST be filled for the form to be valid.


How to make the custom fields show up in your custom email.

Well, assuming your fields are named : "myfield", "yoursize" and "length", we could insert them like #myfield# , #yoursize# and #length#, in the same way as you would insert the #orderheading# and #orderdetails# tags.