Ordering Shipping, Tax and ShowCart plugins

Now, everything you have done is according to the rules and still on the last page (your ShowCart page) tax and shipping don’t get into your cart Sad smile .

Your final page before the Checkout looks like this:


So there is nothing wrong here!

At this point there will be a fair bit of swearing at the screen involved. However, the solution is fairly simple.

Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager and preselect to show only Content plugins:


Now, only the relevant content plugins show up and you need not to worry about the others. But until now, nothing allows you to define an ORDER for the plugins, many of the text boxes contain a 0 and no way to change that Sad smile.


Here comes the “Gotcha”…

Click on the header of the Ordering column and the ordering buttons show up.


Now you can order the plugins in the way you need it, namely setting the “Content – SimpleCaddy” plugin to the last position in the list of SimpleCaddy plugins. All those that remain at 0 (zero) will be parsed by Joomla in the order they arrive.




Before showing your final cart you need to calculate the shipping and/or tax. That means that Joomla needs to “see” these plugins before it will display your cart.

Ordering in this case is the only solution here.

If you need to calculate taxes on shipping, you now know that you need to have the shipping plugin { scshipping } before the taxes so that the shipping is added to the cart before taxes are calculated.

Now I already hear the following: But what happens if I need shipping but I am not shipping taxes! Obviously you will need to set all the shipping properties of your “Taxes” product to 0 so that there is no calculation of any shipping on the Tax product…