SimpleCaddy and SEF urls, SimpleCaddy and the home page

So, now that you have a nice Joomla 2.5 site, you also want to take advantage of the SEF capability of Joomla. No troubles there, but a small hiccup will come along your way. In some cases this will result in SimpleCaddy throwing you to your home page, whatever you have done. In some cases a dreaded 404 Error pops up and you seem to have done nothing wrong.

The reason? Not so much SimpleCaddy, but Joomla that does not know how to generate the correct urls. And when it does generate a good looking url, it ends up not understanding it.

Ok, here’s how to avoid all that trouble.

In your Joomla Configuration on the Site tab you should have the following settings:



The suffixes and unicode aliases are not important here. Search engine friendly urls by themselves are not very pretty and should only be used on Localhost installations, just to see what kind of urls are being generated.

Adding the Use URL rewriting is the key to the success. You will need to acivate the .htaccess on your site, not only for the urls but for improved security on your site as well. This file also filters out a lot of “crap” that hackers throw at your site to see if they can get in. Better to keep them out in the cold.

Now that bot settings are set to “Yes”, save you configuration and don’t forget about renaming the htaccess.txt to .htaccess on your server!

Now comes the SimpleCaddy part. SimpleCaddy asks Joomla to generate the pretty SEF urls. However, Joomla has no idea about a url unless you have given the content/component a menu.

So we need menu items for the following pages:

  • EditCart,
  • Details
  • ShowCart
  • Checkout

Only these four are necessary to get everything running.

You need to create “Single Article” menus to these pages.

You don’t need to publish the menu and it doesn’t need to be shown on your site! Joomla will simply take a look at the available menus for your pages and everything will be ok.

Now you can enjoy SEF or Search Engine Friendly urls with SimpleCaddy.

Even better, SimpleCaddy redirection between different pages now works properly.