Email content - using content for email body

It would be nice that you could send out your own email with your own text and graphics. That way you will make your email look professional.

For this we will need to create a simple Joomla article. Put it in a special section+category so that you don't mix it up and publish it somewhere on your site. That would not be cool. But if you think you can remember this specific article to be an email, then you don't need to do this, it is optional. You do NOT need to publish it. It is even better if you don’t publish it.

Now, this article will start with something like this:


Dear #firstname# #lastname#,

Thank you for ordering with us. Here are the details of your order:

Date: #orderdt#


And now the real details of your order:


Thank you so much for shopping with us!

Best regards,

Your SimpleCaddy salesperson.


The above text will be saved as a standard Joomla article, the same as all the others. Once saved, you should find the ID of this article in the rightmost column in that article list. Remember this ID.

Now go to the SimpleCaddy Configuration screen and find the


"Use content as email" setting and set it to "Yes"

Now add the content ID (you still remember that one, right?) and enter that in the Content ID box.

Save the Configuration.


The fields that need to be replaced are surrounded by # like in the example above.

Apart from #orderheading# and #orderdetails# that are special, you have  all the checkout fields that you have defined. You will use the field NAMES and not the field description for this. Remember that field names can only contain letters and numbers, no special characters of any kind.


If you want to use graphics in your email, make sure that these graphics are available from any computer. Often these images are linked to "localhost", works fine on your computer, but nowhere else. Make sure the graphics are uploaded to your server and that the urls to these images are absolute urls, not the standard relative urls Joomla likes to create.

You can set this (absolute/relative) in your editor configuration. If you cannot set them, change for a better editor.