Downloadable content

Ok, so you want to sell downloadable content like MP3s, PDFs and the like? Fine, SimpleCaddy can take care of that too.

Here’s how to set this up. Let’s suppose you have your shop already set up as outlined in the other documents on this site. At least until the Details setup. Now comes the PayPal setup. First of all, you have to create a page (set it in a hidden menu!) and put in the content/text/images you want to be there. This page contains the combined “Thank you” message, the “Email order” function as well as a “Download here” functionality.

Step 1

Set the paypal success url in the paypal plugin configuration to point to the page you just created. This is important, since upon a successful payment, Paypal will return to this page.

Step 2

Add the { simplecaddy type=emailorder } to your success page. Upon successful payment, your client will now get an email with his order details. In that email (you already know how to set that up, right?) you need to add the following variable for a download code #ordercode# and the download code is now in your email. If you are handy with html code (no other way, sorry) you look at the html code of your email in your editor and you can add that code as a url variable to your email as well. Let’s say that your. Thank you/Download page is on

You would get to the url and add the following /?dlkey=#ordercode# so that SimpleCaddy will generate a url like this one: or something similar. That link in your email will lead your paying clients directly to the download page, without asking them for a code. (Quick and easy)

Step 3

Add the download plugin to the page { simplecaddy type=dllist }. This will display the list of the downloadable items in the order with that specific order code. If there are one item or 57, they will all be listed, as long as your product has been marked as downloadable.

Step 4

This should have been done long ago when you created your product, but in the product definition you MUST specify two things:

1 the product must be marked as downloadable

2 the product must contain a absolute link to its download destination (something like … you get the drift.

Step 5

That’s it. the Payment success page now contains a Thank you message, an email order plugin and a download list plugin. All you need to download your files. The email you have sent out will also contain the link to this page (or perhaps a different one with the type=dllist plugin so you won’t thank your clients over and over again)…