SimpleCaddy plugin types

The standard SimpleCaddy plugin supports different types of displays. Each display also comes with a set of possible parameters. Many plugin types display an email address. For these pages to work properly you must add the { emailcoak=off} plugin to these pages in addition to the SimpleCaddy plugin. One occurrence of the emailcloak=off plugin is enough for one page.

On this page, many plugin calls have spaces around the { and }. These spaces should NOT exist on your site!

In order for this page to work properly, add some socks to your cart!

Let’s start with the simplest.


The most used parameter will be type=

{ simplecaddy type=buynow … }

If you do not specify the type= part in a plugin call, type=buynow will be assumed and used.

This will display the usual Add to Cart button and the different display elements like this:

Sweaty socks
15.00 CAD
Available quantity


Your product code. These are defined in the admin section of SimpleCaddy. Product codes are lowercase, no spaces or other non-alpha-numerical characters. This is used in conjunction with the type=buynow parameter.


provides a display where you can modify the content of the cart using Change or Remove buttons

{ simplecaddy type=editcart }

Your cart is empty

The Empty Cart button will effectively empty the cart and remain on this page. The order button will pass on to the next page (see nextcid= parameter)


Provides a ShowCart display without buttons like this:

{ simplecaddy type=showcart }

Your cart is empty

The display is then used as a cart display but cannot be used for anything else unless the showbuttons=1 parameter is added as well like this:

{ simplecaddy type=showcart showbuttons=1 }

Your cart is empty

Now the client can still empty the cart and start over or finish the purchase process.


To obtain details about your client and where to ship your products, you need the details of the client.

{ simplecaddy type=details } will display the screen for this:

Your Name Required
Username Required
Address Required
Address 2
Postal code / Zipcode
Extra info

The fields you want to use on this screen are defined in the Custom Fields in the admin section of SimpleCaddy. For simplicity of display a < table > tag is used to display this page. The State/Province field can be used for determining Tax and Shipping cost (See Taxes and Shipping)


In case you provide linked pages for your products you will also need a way for the client to say “No, thanks” to your upsell offer. the type=skip will show you a simple Skip button and lead you to the next page.


If you want to email the order to your client once he/she has finished, you will need to use the type=emailorder on a separate page. This will effectively send out the email to your client with the contents of the order just passed.

{ simplecaddy type=emailorder }

Although no visual is provided by this plugin type, it will allow you to provide some information about the order and what to do next.


In case you have downloadable items in an order, the type=dllist will provide a simple list of items ready for download. This page is typically reached after successful payment, not before.

{ simplecaddy type=dllist }


Once people have finished ordering on your site, or once they have paid, or on any other moment you think it necessary, you may want to empty the cart. Either because there is nothing else to do or you want to start over. { simplecaddy type=emptycart} will do just that.


If you have many products in a category and want to display them all at once, you can use the type=category and specify the category name with the then mandatory category=catname parameter.

This results in a simple list of product plugins to be displayed with one single plugin call in your content. All layout will need to be done in css, no spaces are added to the displayed list apart from a <return> between each plugin.

{ simplecaddy type=category category=non-food } will look like this:

The category (non-food) is not found.

The type=category only accepts classsfx=, defqty= as parameters.